2010 Art Award Winners

The Library received 36 submissions for the 2010 art award contest. Students were asked to respond to any work of art in the Library’s internationally recognized collection. The responses were varied and included poems, essays, digital art, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and musical compositions. Judges looked for works that were not only inventive but also reflected a strong interpretation of a work of art in the library.


Undergraduate Winner

Hyoeun Kim‘s scratch boards, Orchard; Kept in My Light Bulb were inspired by Jim Lee’s Receding Orchard. Kim’s inventive, skillful use of scratch tools and ink pens, coupled with an environmental message, produced a powerful response.

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Christina Squitieri‘s poem Into the Skylight was in response to Maria Hartman’s painting Skylight. Squitieri’s poem is wonderfully imaginative, beautifully written, thoughtful interpretation of a challenging abstract work of art.

Graduate Winner

There was a split decision in the graduate student category. Both works are in response to William Kentridge’s Dancing Couple.

Timothy Hospodar and Chloe Bass‘s video titled Dancing Couple Over Time is a very creative response with marvelous subtle touches.

David Friedman‘s sculptured cowhide rug titled Wedding is highly inventive. The color and technique reflects a thoughtful response to the Kentridge print.

Graduate Honorable Mention

Fran Agnone‘s song is remarkable for its lyrical beauty and expressive musical performance which evokes the laborious work on a farm. Her song was in response to Xu Bing’s Vegetable Fields.