2012 Art Award Winners

The library received 81 submissions for the 2012 art award contest. The responses were varied and included multimedia, videos, photographs, poems, essays, paintings, prints and musical compositions. Judges looked for works that were not only inventive but also reflected a thoughtful interpretation of a work of art in the library.


Undergraduate Winner

Andrew Baer’s multimedia submission was inspired by John Arruda’s Nicotine Man. Baer’s sculptured cigarette box and very clever use of social media is exceptional for its originality and multiple connections to the figure in the painting. Using cigarettes, Baer created highly inventive and challenging photographs and burn drawings. The “fake cigarettes” contain the following text:

“Nicotine Man is a personality realized through digital media. He has an email address, and communicates with others through a Facebook account . Nicotine Man is also an artist, posting nicotine related drawings, sculpture, photography, music, gifs and video on his Tumblr account, which he forwards to his Twitter account http://twitter.com/#!/NicotineMan1987. He blogs about art that inspires him on another Tumblr account and blogs about his life on Blogger http://nicotineman.blogspot.com/. Nicotine Man grows and changes as he both embraces his habits and struggles to quit them. You are welcome to get to know and interact with him through evolving records of digital media. Please read this blog, view his art, and become friends with him.”

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Emily Kenselaar’s superbly executed drawing is in response to photographic portraits Myra and Poppo by Doug Schwab.

Christina Squitieri skillfully blends events of the twentieth and twenty-first century in a exquisitely composed and uniquely structured poem. Ms. Squitieri was inspired by Georges Braque’s Bird of the Woods.

Graduate Winner

Alex Renner composed and performed music for marimba and piano entitled “Press.” The music is in response to William Kentridge’s Typewriter. Renner’s dynamic composition and choice of instruments beautifully reflects the rhythms and frustrations of typing on an old typewriter.

Graduate Honorable Mention

Briggan Krauss and Sophia Remolde created a highly original, thoughtful and sophisticated computer-sound interactive work based upon David Deutsch’s painting Rotunda.

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