Hermes, Allen. Jean

American, 1913-2004

Allen Hermes

American, 1913-2004

Jean, c.1935-1943

Oil on canvas

39 1/2” x 25”

The Brooklyn College Library Collection

Born in England in 1913, Allen Hermes came to the United States at the age of sixteen. An outstanding art student, Hermes attended Syracuse University on a full scholarship. He was also awarded a fellowship to study art and architecture in Germany. Later he served in Europe in WWII with the Corps of Engineers.

In this portrait, Hermes captures the expression of a pensive young woman standing in front of a velvet curtain. She is leaning on the balustrade of a balcony, two white flowers in her hand. A peaceful countryside can be seen from a dizzying height behind her, while a stormy sky perhaps reflects her anxious thoughts.

Federal Art Project

Living New Deal

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